What Is Wicker and Why Is It Used Outdoors?

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Wicker outdoor furniture is a staple in many patio setups in South Amboy, NJ. Not only is wicker beautiful, it is also versatile and comes in a wide variety of different colors, shapes and looks to match every décor style.

But even more than this, wicker as it is used for outdoor furniture is exceptionally durable and long lasting. The wicker material is woven together, reinforcing its strength even in the face of harsh weather elements. For outdoor use, there could perhaps be no better match.

What is wicker, anyway?

Wicker is rattan, bamboo or other reeds woven together to create a solid surface. The materials of the wicker can be molded into just about any type of furniture, from side tables to rocking chairs. Wicker can be used indoors and outdoors for plant stands, coffee tables and even entire dining tables. Its versatility is what has made it a particularly popular choice for outdoor patio setups.

One thing to look out for when purchasing wicker furniture is loose weaving, which can result in loose strands of reed or bamboo sticking out in various directions and causing discomfort. Additionally, look out for wicker furniture that is crafted too upright or lacks the ability to add cushions. This can also be uncomfortable and may detract from the outdoor patio experience for you and your guests.

Why is wicker used outdoors?

First and foremost, wicker is used outdoors in South Amboy, NJ because it is easy to maintain. Wicker is made of materials that don’t rot or succumb to water damage easily. In fact, wicker discourages mold growth. Wicker materials also prevent infestations of bugs or mites.

Wicker is lightweight, too. This makes it easy to move around or transfer indoors at the outset of winter. Additionally, it is safe for small children in that it’s delicate yet substantial. Wicker furniture will not tip easily.

One of the best reasons wicker is great for every outdoor patio is that it can be customized to best reflect your space. Not only does wicker come in a variety of different shades and lacquers, but you can also add unique pillows and cushions to reflect your unique style.

Although it’s exceptionally easy to maintain, outdoor wicker furniture in South Amboy, NJ still needs some attention. To keep wicker furniture strong year after year, use a protective spray to coat the outside of your chairs or tables. This will deter water damage and mildew, enhancing the wicker’s strength and durability for the long term. For even better protection, look for a resin-based wicker—furniture made of this type of wicker will only need to be wiped clean when it gets dusty.

You may spend a good amount of money investing in a set of wicker chairs or tables, but you will also be able to rest easy knowing that your investment will last for years, require little to no maintenance and serve as a comfortable relaxation place for all your guests and family.

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