Carpet Repair & Re-Stretching in South Amboy, NJ

Repairing and re-stretching rugs are often a great alternative to completely replacing your rugs.

man cutting carpetYou don’t always need new wall-to-wall carpets; you can save time and money by having your carpets restretched with Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center.

With all of the traffic that our carpeting gets, it’s not surprising that it occasionally gets damaged. But, many homeowners are unaware that there is a middle ground between replacing your entire carpeting and rearranging your furniture to hide the damaged spots. In fact, carpeting professionals can often repair the damage that your carpeting has incurred.

Before you call us, here are some tips to fix some common carpet ailments:

Problem: Oriental Rug fibers are Fringing
Solution: Come to us for a full restortation

We can repair any damage done to oriental rugs by normal wear and tear; moth damage; burns; pet damage, etc. whaterver happens to your rug we can repair it.

Problem: Loose or wrinkled areas of carpeting
Solution: Restretching is used for loose and wrinkled carpets.

Like a facelift, re-stretching makes carpeting tight again. To make sure your carpet stays in shape longer we guarantee our carpet stretching by using a POWER-STRETCHER instead of a Knee Kicker. This also prolongs the carpet’s life by eliminating wrinkles which can cause the carpet to wear more quickly from the constant back and forth bending that occurs when they are stepped on. It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material.

Problem: Burns such as Fireplace Embers, Cigarettes, Lamps, Candleburns, & Irons
Solution: Rest assured, most carpet burns can be fixed by patching it.

Problem: Candle Wax spill on carpet.
Solution: There are several solutions available:

  1. First, try to remove as much of the wax by hand
  2. Freeze the wax with a ice cubes
  3. Shatter it with a blunt object, then remove by hand

Note: The colder the wax, the easier it is to remove

Still not working?…

  1. Place a brown paper bag over wax area
  2. Iron the top of the brown bag on low heat setting
  3. Allow the wax to transfer on to the brown paper bag
  4. Use a new brown bag frequently to prevent smearing

If the above methods fail, a patch would be neccessary. An extra piece of carpet certainly helps. If there is none available we can take the extra carpet from a closet, under a piece of furniture or even from under a wall or vent hole if it’s small enough.

Problem: Bleach Stain
Solution: A bleach stain on the carpet has to be the 2nd most upsetting concern for our customers (berber snag is #1). As upsetting as it may be, it is one of the easiest to repair. Depending on the size of the bleach stain on your carpet, we can fix it by performing a simple Carpet Patch.

The solution is to cut the bleach area away and put a patch. Cutting your carpet sounds scary, but one of our Master Carpet Technician are skilled in applying the patch so perfectly, lining up the carpet threads with seamless precision.