Drapery Cleaning Services in South Amboy, NJ

Cleaning your fine draperies can be easily done, once every three to six months.

You invest a lot of money in the draperies in your home. It only makes sense that a little time every once and a while to keep them in good shape. Most of the problems with draperies are caused by household dust settling.

If you have little children, food stains and spots can happen from messy hands, but it is easily resolved.

Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center cleans on location or we can take down, clean and rehang your draperies at your convenience.

Check the labels on your draperies and clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also try to select cleaners that are perfume free when cleaning your draperies.

Try to use cleaners that are natural, colorless, odorless, non toxic and biodegradable. A water soluble is a good option too. By following these guidelines, you will avoid harmful or toxic chemicals.

For cleaning draperies, it may not always be possible to find natural products. However, if you can use natural cleaning products, you will be less likely to be left with a strong chemical smell and you won’t have to block off your house for hours after you clean.

There are also some fine products out there that are not necessarily all natural, but when used according to the instructions, can be a fine way to clean your draperies.

Monthly maintenance of your draperies is a good idea. You should vacuum once every couple of weeks. More often if need be. Try to remove the dirt and dust on a regular basis and so it won’t accumulate into a problem. Make sure that your vacuum is in good working condition, and that the vacuum bag is not over–full.