What Is Tile Buffing, and Do I Need to Do It?

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Have you ever had your tile buffed? If you’ve been settling for a mop and bucket, you might not be getting the sparkling clean results that your home or commercial business needs to make the best impression possible. Tile buffing is a great way to restore your tile and grout so that it looks like it was freshly laid. With the holidays rapidly approaching, you want to make a great impression from the ground up.

Generally, tile buffing should be performed at least monthly if you’re in a commercial space with high foot traffic, such as a retail store or restaurant. So, what is tile buffing, anyway?

What is tile buffing?

Tile buffing is performed either by applying a liquid spray to the floor (spray buffing) or dry buffing with high-powered machines. Spray buffing uses the liquid to help remove dirt and debris that has been ground into the floor by plenty of foot traffic. Dry buffing uses a faster machine that achieves the same purpose—your floors will be clean, without a trace of scuff marks or unsightly stains.

How can I prepare for tile buffing?

As with any deep cleaning project, you’ll want to prepare for your professional tile buffing job. First, rope off the area and put up wet floor signs (if you’re in a commercial space) or ask your housemates to clear out for the day. Next, a few hours before your tile buffing appointment, clean the floor as thoroughly as you can—the cleaner it is, the less time the tile buffing machine will require. Allow to dry completely, using fans if you need to in order to speed up dry time.

Finally, just before your appointment, use a dust mop to go over the floors one last time to pick up any dust or hair that your scrubbing missed.

Your professional tile buffing company will use special solutions and machines to buff your tile floors, which is usually done in several stages: cleaning, buffing, dry buffing and applying a finish. This may require several hours or even the entire day, depending on how long the finish needs to dry and cure. (Your tile buffing company will be able to give you an estimate when you make an appointment.) When it’s done, your floors will be cleaner and glossier than ever.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to high-traffic commercial spaces—residences and low-traffic commercial spaces should aim to buff their tile every two to three months as well.

Schedule professional tile buffing services today

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, or are not sure how often your floors should be buffed in South Amboy, NJ, call us. Lov’n Kare Carpet Center can clean your tile and grout to make it look like it was freshly laid. Our up-to-date technology allows us to clean your tile and grout with complete control for the most thorough cleaning your home or business has ever seen. Call us today to schedule your tile buffing appointment or learn more about our process.

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