Are Shoes Bad for the Carpet? Answers from Your Carpet Cleaning Specialists in South Amboy, NJ

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Many households have a tradition of removing their shoes when they enter the home. If you’ve ever been house shopping with a realtor, you may have encountered a “please remove shoes or wear booties” sign by a home’s front door, accompanied by a stack of those blue shoe covers. Are these traditions really necessary? Will shoes harm the carpet if they are left on your feet as you trek across the living room?

As carpet cleaning specialists in South Amboy, NJ, we say yes—it’s best to remove shoes before walking on carpet. Here’s why.

They Track

Think about all the places shoes travel. Who knows what you have stepped on while walking around in your shoes. You don’t want to track these items onto your carpet. Bits of gum, tar and oil are just a few of the things that may be stuck to the bottom of a shoe. If someone walks across your carpet with these items on their shoe, the debris can transfer to your carpet fibers. Once there, they can be nearly impossible to remove. They can cause permanent stains or damage.

They Tear

Many shoes feature abrasive soles. The patterns on the shoes can prove hazardous to your carpet. They can snag or dig into the carpet and cause damage. This may happen in an instant or over time. Either way, your carpet suffers. What were once lush fibers are eventually worn out by shoe travel.

They Grind

Some debris on your carpet is inevitable. However, much of this is easily cleaned with regular vacuuming or service from a carpet cleaning specialist in South Amboy, NJ. That is, unless people walk on it with their shoes. Shoes tend to grind debris into your carpet, making it hard to remove. Bits of dirt that would have come off the fibers with a quick vacuum swipe become pressed into the carpeting by shoes.

Barefoot Isn’t Always Better

Keep in mind, bare feet can also be hard on your carpet. Sweat from your feet will transfer to your carpet, which can also cause damage. The moisture attracts dirt, dust and dander. Over time, this debris will build up on your carpet.

The Solution

To protect your carpet from unnecessary wear and tear, avoid wearing shoes or going barefoot on these surfaces. When inside your home, wear socks, or keep a pair of slippers handy. Storing your slippers by the door makes it easy to slip off your outdoor shoes and slip into something comfortable for indoors. Your feet will thank you, and so will your carpet.

Kick Back and Relax

Whether you want to institute a “no shoes” policy in your home or let your carpet take the risk is up to you. Either way, your carpet cleaning specialists in South Amboy, NJ are here to help. If you need additional carpet care advice or would like professional service for your floors, give us a call, then sit back and enjoy your renewed carpet. We look forward to partnering with you to keep your carpets looking sharp.

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