Three Tips for Pre-Treating Heavily Soiled Carpets

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It’s inevitable—even the most meticulously maintained carpet is bound to experience some form of damage over the course of its lifetime. From coffee spills to burst pipes, anything can happen—but that doesn’t mean you should stop investing in good rugs or assume that, once the damage is done, it’s permanent. With help from quality carpet cleaning specialists in South Amboy, NJ, you can keep your carpets in great condition for many years by getting annual cleanings and calling for help as soon as an accident occurs.

But what about those especially difficult and heavy stains? Love ‘N Kare Carpet Center has a few tips to help you get the situation under control and prevent potentially irreversible damage while you schedule your appointment with us. Remember, your carpet is a valuable investment, so don’t wait to call for help!

Soak up liquid ASAP

If part of the damage involves moisture, grab a towel immediately and get to work blotting up the liquid. You can try a couple of methods. First, use a soft, dry towel that is porous enough to absorb water easily, which can soak up the top layer of water if the carpet is truly drenched. Next, you can try a towel soaked in water and wrung out—spread it over the area and press firmly, but do not rub, as this can damage the fibers. Repeat as necessary, and switch out towels to avoid pressing soil further into the carpet.

Vacuum carefully

If you notice your carpet has a ton of dried dirt, you can also try vacuuming it to get the loose soil off right away. Make sure you don’t walk on top of the carpet a lot, as this will grind the dirt deeper into the fibers. Stand to the side of the carpet, and double check that your vacuum has a clean bag and is set to clean carpets, not hardwood floors, to ensure the most effective dirt removal.

Be mindful of chemical cleaning, which causes dirt

When you perform carpet cleaning yourself, you might be leaving behind chemicals in the fibers. Over time, this will actually cause your carpet to get badly soiled, because it will “clean” the shoes of anyone who walks over it, effectively pulling soil into the carpet. Obviously, the easiest way to avoid having to do a lot of damage control in that area is to call in carpet cleaning specialists in South Amboy, NJ to perform regular cleanings for you. That way, you can be sure no harmful chemicals are left in the carpet.

It’s much more budget-friendly to have experienced carpet cleaning specialists in South Amboy, NJ come to your aid than it is to have to buy whole new carpet for your home. Contact Love ‘N Kare Carpet Center today to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning. We’ve been in business for nearly 70 years and used tried and true methods and high quality cleaning products to ensure the best results every time. We look forward to helping you!

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