How To Properly Clean Your Drapes

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For those who have drapes in their home, the cleaning aspect of owning them can be a bit intimidating — especially with large sets of drapes that may or may not easily fit into a washing machine. Many people are unfamiliar with how to effectively and properly clean their draperies. 

Knowing how to clean drapes doesn’t have to be a scary process. Depending on the materials your curtains or drapes are made of, there is likely a safe and effective way that you can handle doing yourself. Let’s talk about the best ways how to clean curtains and drapes.

The First Step

The first step when cleaning any set of curtains or drapes is finding a care tag. Follow the instructions carefully, and don’t attempt to do anything outside these parameters. Not following the care instructions to the letter can be risky and may permanently damage or ruin your set of drapes or curtains. 

Be Gentle With Special Materials

When your curtains are made from non-typical materials, you need to exercise extreme caution. For example, if you have velvet curtains, this requires a special cleaning process when it comes to cleaning. Take a chamois-type cloth dipped in warm water and gently wrung out to brush the velvet curtains. This will eliminate the dust that may build up on them.

Silk curtains are another example when you need to be extremely careful when washing them. It’s important to hand wash them in lukewarm or cold water, using mild dish detergent. Carefully swirl them around in the soapy water and never wring them out when it’s time to dry them. You must be gentle when cleaning more fragile, thinner materials.

When in Doubt, Have Your Drapes or Curtains Dry-Cleaned

Dry cleaning is a much safer method than attempting a do-it-yourself type of cleaning. Some people just aren’t comfortable with putting their curtains or draperies in a washing machine. Add to the fact that you need to remove hooks, rings, or other hanging accessories, and it can be a major chore. 

It’s a lot easier and far better to have your curtains and drapes dry-cleaned. This is especially true when there are unique, uncommon materials and stitching that may or may not perform well in a traditional washing machine or dryer. Calling local dry cleaning companies and asking if they are experienced in cleaning your particular type of curtains can make all the difference in the job being done safely and thoroughly.

It’s Important to Keep Your Curtains and Drapes Cleaned Regularly

Regularly scheduled cleaning of your curtains and drapes will extend their life and make for a cleaner, more visually-appealing look in your home. Getting rid of dust and dirt particles will help keep the air you and your family breathe safe. Talk to a dry cleaner today about the correct cleaning methods for your particular set of curtains or drapers. 


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