9 Simple Ways to Properly Clean Your Grout

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Meta description: Grout is a filler and form of sealer between tile spaces. It is an essential part of the process but gets dirty, too. Here are easy ways how to clean grout.


Grout tends to get very dirty and grimy when left for too long without a good clean. Here are ways how to clean grout and ensure your tiled sections look as good as new.

#1 Vinegar and Warm Water

Try a solution of vinegar and warm water to clean your grouted areas. Allow the vinegar to sit for 30 minutes before scrubbing it off with a stiff, bristled brush. A toothbrush works, too, but only covers smaller sections. There are many other brushes to choose from that will do the job.

#2 Use a Proper Brush

When it comes to grout and cleaning, you need a stiff-bristled brush. Softer fibers may not be able to work down tougher dirt and grime.

#3 Use a Steamer

If you wondered does steaming grout work, you’re not the only one. Steam cleaners provide maximum cleaning for minimum effort since the steam does the job for you. Steamers also come with various brush attachments to cater to soft or hard grout. Steam over the area and complete with a microfibre fitting to dry up.

#4 Use Three Ingredients

Use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a dash of dishwashing liquid. Allow the paste-like mixture to sit, then clean off with a sponge. For tougher dirt, use a firm brush.

#5 Baking Soda, Vinegar

Create a baking soda and vinegar paste like the hydrogen peroxide variation. Then apply the paste to the areas. Some dirt will wipe off, while others need a bit of scrubbing. Sometimes a rinse with warm water is all it needs after the application.  

#6 Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is another easy method to clean dirty grout. Apply the bleach and water and scrub. Use protective gear.

#7 Store-Bought Magic Sponge

There are many store-bought grout cleaners, and one is like a soap bar or sponge and allows you to apply it to the areas. The dirt is supposed to come off easily.  

#8 Vinegar Spray

Use water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply the spray, allow it to sit and then rinse off and dry. For tougher grout, scrub, rinse, then dry.

#9 Keep Your Hand on It

Maintenance cleaning of grout will go a long way to ensuring it doesn’t get too grimy.

Don’t forget, always use protective gear when cleaning grout with DIY and store-bought chemicals.

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