How to Improve the Shag Carpet in your Home

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Shag carpets used to be a thing of the ’60s and ’70s. Back in the day, they came in many unique colors and thicknesses. Due to the overall thickness of the carpet, shag was known for being harder to care for. It has always been a lot harder to vacuum and have cleaned. Shag carpeting has made a comeback in more recent times, and it’s important to know how to care for thicker carpeting. Here are a few tips and guidelines that can help you keep your shag carpeting looking nicer and stay cleaner.

Vacuuming Is Very Important for all Carpeting, Especially Shag

Regular vacuuming for most carpeting is very important. This is especially true for shag carpeting. Dirt particles, human and pet hair, and all sorts of other debris can get down into the base of your carpet. Dirt and other particles can wear against your carpet fibers, leaving them looking worn out and dingy. They can especially get trapped in thicker, shag carpet.

It’s important to vacuum often and thoroughly with shag carpeting. Going slower than you would with a normal, shorter to medium-length carpet is essential. You may want to move along a north and south path, and re-vacuum it, going in an east and west path.

Purchase a Carpet Rake for Shag Carpeting

A solid carpet rake is a valuable tool to help keep your shag carpeting in top condition. There are numerous types of carpet rakes to choose from. A typical carpet rake may have nylon fibers and be used for fluffing up your shag carpeting. This can help it look less matted and fluffier in appearance. It will also loosen up debris, making it easier to vacuum when it’s time to do that.

Other kinds of carpet rakes deal with pet hair more specifically. These rakes look somewhat like oversized pet brushes with long handles. Ensure that the rake head is clean after each use, as they will collect pet hair and other debris.

Carpet Brushes

Hand-held carpet brushes are great for light cleaning and can keep shag carpet and rugs looking much nicer. You should first vacuum to loosen the dirt. Next, mix a little dishwashing liquid and water in a bucket and dip in the brush so it is damp but not dripping water.

Clean small areas at a time with the brush, working the liquid into the stains and dirty spots. You can vacuum up any excess water with a shop vac. If the shag rug or carpets have numerous spots or dirty areas, the process may take a bit of time.

Using these tips on your shag rugs or shag carpeting will help keep them looking better and extend life. You can easily make shag carpet improvements with a few little tricks and extra effort to keep them looking their best.

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