Area Rug Placement Strategies

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Area rugs are a great way to warm up a space and add visual interest and texture. If you have a home with hardwood floors, an area rug can make all the difference and can really bring the room together. Placing an area rug can be difficult, but we have some tips that can help.


Why Choose an Area Rug?

Area rugs are a great way to dress up any room and help it look and feel warmer. Though you might be tempted to get a full room of carpeting, an area rug is something you can change out when you get tired of it. They are easy to move around wherever you want, and area rugs are easy to keep clean. Full room carpeting is nice, but it can get dirty so easily, and it can be hard to keep clean and neat looking.

An area rug will help keep your feet warm when you relax, it can help buffer sound in the room, and it can also help make the room look warmer and feel warmer overall. A great area rug can help make a room look and feel the way that you want it to and can also help you to make the room your own. With a great area rug, you can capture a unique look without having to do full room carpeting.

Choose a rug that suits the room. Consider the size of the room, the overall color scheme, the look of the room, and so on. It is important to keep the room in mind when shopping and not to get lost in the rug itself. You can bring things like color samples from your space, a picture of your room, and so on to help you find the right rug.

Area Rug Placement

A great tip to keep in mind when figuring out how to position a rug is to keep a border around the rug. This will help showcase the rug, create balance, and showcase the living room itself. To create that frame, you want to keep a border of flooring exposed around it.

The final touch is anchoring the rug. This means putting furniture on it and actually anchoring it to the area. This can help keep the rug from sliding and moving around, helps to tie it into the room, and helps it look great.

There are plenty of wonderful area rugs out there. The key is to find the one that will look great in your room and work best for you.

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