Is an Oriental Rug a Good Investment?

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Oriental rugs are beautiful, high-quality works of art—but are they a good investment? That depends on why you’re buying the rug. If you’re buying it because you love it and want to enjoy it for years to come, then yes, oriental rugs are a good investment. However, if you’re hoping that your investment will appreciate over time, you’re unlikely to see any financial gains from the purchase.

If your only reason to buy the rug is to see a return later, you should skip it. Oriental rugs can appreciate in value, but it’s too difficult to estimate the rug’s value in a decade or two. While they typically hold their value, restoration of an old, worn rug can cost almost as much as what you paid for the rug itself. You’ll need to weigh the value of restoration against what you paid for it and what you could possibly hope to recoup. On top of that, only exceptionally high-quality rugs tend to appreciate in value.

In short, buy the rug because you love it—if it appreciates in value later, that’s just a bonus.

Here’s an overview of what constitutes an oriental rug and how to care for one.

What is an oriental rug?

An oriental rug is any carpet that’s hand-knotted in Asia. They may come from China, India, Russia, Iran, Tibet, Turkey or Pakistan. High-quality oriental rugs are hand-knotted on a loom, using a symmetrical Turkish knot.

Typically, the rugs are made from wool. The highest-quality rugs feature hand-dyed yarn and contrasting colors. You might see geometric or floral shapes in the design, but they generally use traditional designs and motifs from the area in which they were produced.

True, hand-knotted oriental rugs can cost thousands of dollars, which means you should consider this purchase carefully.

Caring for and cleaning an oriental rug

Here’s how to care for your rug:

  • Avoid sunlight: Sunlight can damage and fade your oriental rug, so be sure to place it in an area that doesn’t get a lot of direct sun. Not only will it fade the colors, but it will dry the fibers in the rug and make them more brittle.
  • Rotate often: Be sure to rotate your rug frequently, so that it wears evenly. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can see the wear and tear. Make sure to flip them occasionally, too.
  • Gently vacuum: Never beat or shake your oriental rugs. Instead, gently vacuum or sweep them to remove dust and debris. Do not use vacuums with roller brushes—they can pull out fibers.
  • Get professional cleaning: When you need to clean your rugs, opt for professional cleaning. Oriental rugs are more delicate than regular carpeting, and they need to be treated with care.

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