Warning Signs Your Carpet Has Mold

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Carpeting is a versatile and cozy floor covering—but once the weather gets wet and rainy, you’re more likely to experience carpet mold. Do you know the common mold warning signs? The sooner you find the problem, the easier it will be to take care of the problem.

Mold grows quickly, and you might not notice it unless you know what to look for. Some homeowners are dismayed to find out that their carpets are beyond saving. That’s why it’s so important to perform regular inspections throughout your home.

Here’s a closer look at some of the major warning signs that your carpet has mold:

  • Damp carpet: Mold doesn’t need much to grow. The spores float through the air. When it meets water and a food source (e.g., wood, carpeting, drywall, etc.), mold can develop and grow rapidly. If your carpet is damp for more than a day, you may discover mold underneath. Do your best to blot up water, and dry the carpet as fast as possible. If a certain area of your carpet is constantly damp, you may have a leak. Try to address that before the water damage and mold spread throughout your home.
  • Musty odor: If a room smells musty and moldy, there’s a good chance that mold is lurking in your carpet. Unfortunately, the more time you spend at home, the less likely you are to notice the smell. Pay attention if a visitor tells you that there’s a musty odor, and investigate to see whether you notice any other signs of carpet mold.
  • Discoloration: Whether water or the mold itself, discoloration and stains on your carpet can indicate that you have a mold infestation. Keep an eye on your carpet, and look for any new or unusual stains. Not only will you stay on top of any potential mold problem, but you’ll also be able to blot up and treat any stains you discover.
  • Unexplained allergies: If your allergies are sensitive to mold, pay attention. Unexplained allergy symptoms can indicate that mold is growing somewhere in your home. While it could just be an unusual amount of pollen or dust coming in from outside, there’s a good chance that you have a mold infestation somewhere, especially if you notice any of the other signs.
  • Mold testing kits: Finally, a positive result from a home mold testing kit can indicate an issue. It doesn’t always mean the mold is growing in your carpet, of course. Mold can grow anywhere it’s damp, such as under your sinks and in your bathrooms. If you get a positive result, it’s worth investigating your home’s carpeted areas to see if there are other signs of mold growth.

Carpet mold is a health hazard, as well as just plain unpleasant to deal with. To ensure your carpeting stays clean, pristine and allergen-free, reach out to the team at Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center today to schedule a service appointment. We’ll help you clean and restore your carpets to like-new condition.

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