Tips for Keeping Furniture Spotless

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When it comes to investing in the interior design of the household, the furnishings create a substantial portion of the expense. Plus, they take much time and effort to decide on a style and the overall aesthetic you want to design.

Once each space has been dressed, the intention is that these spaces will endure the test of time.

That means withstanding abuses, tolerating care and upkeep, and still finding ways how to keep furniture looking new within the confines of a budget. Consider these suggestions on how to keep your furnishings spotless.

Tips for Keeping Your Furnishings Spotless

When you invest significant time and effort in selecting the primary furnishing that speaks to the aesthetic of your home, not to mention the monetary investment, the idea is to enjoy extended longevity with the pieces.

No one wants to have to replace substantial pieces after merely a year. You can contribute to the lifespan by participating in proper care and maintenance of your furnishings.

By making a habit of keeping it clean, you will avoid the potential for stains or other damages. Let’s look at tips on spotless upkeep of your primary furnishings.

Read labels before attempting to clean any new piece

Regardless of the material, it’s essential to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to clean any new piece, especially if you’re trying to discern how to remove stains from furniture.

In most cases, the suggestion is to incorporate a neutral or mild sanitizing solution or when choosing to steam clean the fabric. When spot cleaning, gently go over the soiled area with either steam cleaning equipment or a soft bristle brush using a mild solution recommended by your manufacturer, dabbing and blotting the area instead of rubbing.

Bleaching agents should be avoided in attempts to remove stains from the material. The result will be discoloration and destructive to the fabric. In that same vein, an abrasive bristle brush rubbing the surface will result in the shredding of the threads showing as “scratch marks” in the material.

The market is rife with “stain-proofing” products

As a rule, many stores offer products meant to “stain-proof” different materials like upholstery, leather, and varied fabrics on furnishings. A suggestion is to work with the manufacturer that sold you the items to find an adequate solution you can apply to your specific pieces.

You can either apply it or have it professionally applied before delivery from the manufacturer. While it will be an additional investment, the cost will be returned since the professional stain-proofing usually comes with a warranty or guarantee.

Additionally, your pieces should have an extended lifespan since the product will protect them from things like pet stains, ink, wine, and other abuses that can ruin your furnishings.

Final Thought

A key component to keeping furnishings spotless and looking new is prevention. While we all love our fur babies and want guests to feel comfortable when visiting, no one wants to replace substantial pieces of furniture in a matter of a few years.

It’s wise to invest in stain-proofing to enjoy your living spaces. As an added precaution, try to keep pets comfortable in pet beds meant especially for them, off the sofa.

When indulging in snacks and drinks, start a new tradition with visitors where everyone gathers in the kitchen or an area you can designate for guests, where the effects of spills and stains will be less damaging. If stains occur, always make sure to use a mild solution recommended by your manufacturer, and be sure to dab the spot or blot the area, don’t scrub. Scrubbing will set the stain.

With an adequate care plan in place for your new furnishings, you’ll enjoy your new pieces for years to come.

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