Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Your Oriental Rug

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Yes, you know they are beautiful. You also know oriental rugs can add elegance and style to virtually any room, but if this is your first oriental rug, then you probably have some questions, too. First and foremost among those inquiries probably has to deal with caring for an oriental rug, right? 

Don’t worry, there is good news across the board on how to clean an oriental rug. So, if you have an oriental rug, here is the good news and what you will want to know.

Caring for an Oriental Rug

If you think oriental rugs are simply elegant and beautiful, you are not alone. And if you think they look like they are made with care and quality, you are right. That also means that these beautifully crafted rugs are durable.

Photo by Olivia Smith on Unsplash

Commonly made using wool or a wool and silk blend, oriental rugs are created by hand using warp and wefts. These weaves are tightened on a loom and then knotted using either a symmetric Turkish knot or an asymmetric Persian knot technique. While both techniques are reliable, the Persian knot is the more durable of the two.

The end result is that your oriental rug will stand the test of time, wear and tear, and even stains. That also means there is very little to know about how to clean an oriental rug. Simply use the same precautions you would with any other type of rug when cleaning, being careful to avoid using products that could discolor or harm the fabric.

Like any material, if your rug is subjected to continued stains or prolonged moisture or abuse, it can become damaged, worn, or frayed. While oriental rugs are among the most durable and beautiful rugs available, taking care of them means regular care. Moving your rug to a less high-traffic area in the home will also help to preserve the life of your rug.

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