Caring for Wooden Floors

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Hardwood flooring can make any residence nicer and more comfortable to live in. However, knowing how to card for hardwood flooring is an important part of having it in your home. As with any floor hardwood flooring requires regular upkeep to look its best as it is walked on daily. Here are some general care rules to keep your floors looking good and lasting longer.

Five Tips To Protect Wooden Floors

  1. Cleaners: A common question concerning hardwood flooring is can I use citrus based cleaners on hardwood flooring. The answer to that is no. While these cleaners were used in the past with modern wooden floors it’s advisable to avoid oil or citrus-based cleaners. Luckily, several cleaning agents are designed to be used specifically on wood floors that are easy to find. Look for spray-style cleaners that evaporate quickly.
  2. Protecting Your Floor: There are several ways to help prevent starching and other surface damage with some preventative care. For example, always use felt protectors on the bottom of your furniture. This makes moving furniture safer and prevents damage, this is especially important for pieces of furniture that are moved a lot such as chairs. Also, be sure to keep doormats by your entrances as this protects your floor from mud and other outdoor debris.
  3. Upkeep and Care: To keep your wooden floors looking their best, sweep them often as this removes build-up and things that are tracked in such as dirt and sand. This keeps your floor looking nice and prevents scratching due to friction. Cleaning tools such as brooms and sweepers should also be soft to the touch and non-abrasive.
  4. Your Home’s Temperature: Wooden floors expand and contract as the temperature changes. Normally this is not an issue to be too concerned about. However, drastically changing the temperature in your home from one extreme to the other can damage your floors due to rapid expansion and contraction. This results in permanent cracks. Keeping your home’s temperature steady can prevent this from becoming a problem.
  5. Watch for Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause wooden floors to become dull and fade. You can avoid this by limiting sun exposure to your floors. The use of shades, drapes, and window blinds can limit the impact sunlight has on your floors.

Final Thoughts

Wooden floors are a joy to own and make any home more stylish. While wooden floors are often easier to clean than carpets they do require special care and regular upkeep to keep them in good condition.

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