Our Top Tips to Prevent Carpet Stains

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Carpet care isn’t limited to cleaning up spills when they happen—it also encompasses all the preventative measures you can take to prevent stains from forming and to keep the carpet in good condition for as long as possible. After all, with the financial investment you’ve put into your carpet, it only makes sense for you to do whatever you can to maximize its lifespan.

With this in mind, here are a few steps you can take to prevent carpet stains from occurring in your South Amboy, NJ home.

Regularly clean and vacuum

You should vacuum your carpet on a regular basis—at least once a week, and probably more frequently if you have pets that shed or if you have children. It becomes easy for hair, dirt and debris to lodge itself deep into the carpet, especially if the carpet has long fibers. If those items aren’t removed quickly, they could permanently damage or stain the carpet.

Regular vacuuming also prevents a buildup of dirt that could cause permanent issues. Make sure you vacuum all areas of the carpet—even the parts covered up by furniture or rugs.

Take off shoes

Consider establishing a “no shoes allowed” rule in your household if you have carpeting. Have everyone take off their shoes before entering the house to prevent them from dragging in the dirt and debris that could damage your carpets. This will make it much easier for you to keep your carpets looking clean and fresh.

Use treatments and protectants

There are stain-resisting treatments and protectants available for certain types of carpets, which help you to seal off the fibers against certain types of stains. New carpets will often come pre-treated, but you can also purchase these treatments and apply them yourself, or have a carpet cleaning professional handle the process for you. Using these products will make stains easier to remove should they occur.

Be proactive when spills happen

As soon as spills occur, you should take the necessary steps to clean them up to prevent stains from forming. Accidents are guaranteed to happen, and the faster you take action, the less damage they’ll cause to your carpet. Never rub on the spill—instead, dab up the moisture to avoid damaging the carpet and helping the stain to set.

Put down rugs or mats

Protecting your carpeting can also be easier if you use protective rugs or plastic mats in high-traffic areas. At entryways, for example, using these items can be a good idea for when people take off their shoes. You can also place rugs down in areas where people eat if the room is carpeted.

These are just a few examples of some of the steps you can take to prevent stains in your home. Keep in mind that you can also work with a professional carpet cleaning service should the need arise.

For more information or to schedule carpet cleaning service in South Amboy, NJ, we encourage you to contact the team at Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center today.

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