How to Hide Carpet Stains Until You’re Able to Get Them Professionally Cleaned

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Even when you’re extremely careful around your carpeted areas, spills and messes are going to happen eventually—especially if you have children or pets. If you don’t have time to try to thoroughly clean the area yourself, it’s okay. There are some steps you can take to hide those carpet stains until you’re able to call a professional cleaner out to the premises to handle it for you.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the steps you can take to conceal messes before getting rid of carpet stains in South Amboy, NJ:

  • Cover it with furniture: This is obviously a very temporary solution, but one that can work well, so long as the stain is in a location where it makes sense to place a piece of furniture. Unfortunately, if the stain is in the exact middle of the room, this will be difficult. But otherwise, you can strategically place a chair, ottoman or end table and cover it up for a bit of time until you’re able to have a professional come by and handle the cleanup.
  • Add plants: Potted plants might work in areas where it doesn’t make sense for you to place furniture. In addition to hiding your unsightly stain, they’ll also add a pleasant, refreshing, natural vibe to your room! You might even be able to group several plants together to create an arrangement you won’t want to remove even after the stain is gone.
  • Use rugs: We mentioned that furniture or other such items might not work if the stain is located in the middle of a room. In this case, you might consider using an area rug instead, so long as the stain is already fully dry to the touch. The rug can complement the other décor in your home and temporarily add to your interior design, rather than being a major distraction like your stain would be.
  • Attempt cleanup: You might attempt to do some remediation work yourself, even if you’re not capable of fully removing the stain. If it’s just a superficial stain, using some warm, soapy water might help you get rid of it. Any cloth you use should be damp but not soaked, and you’ll need to blot rather than wipe. If you use too much moisture, this could actually further damage the carpet fibers, especially if you have a more delicate type of carpeting material.
  • Close off the room: If the room is out of the way and it would be too much of a hassle for you to move stuff around to cover up the stain, you could simply close off the room to visitors until you’re able to have a professional carpet cleaner come out and resolve the problem.

Need some more tips for how you can hide carpet stains until the professionals arrive? We encourage you to contact the team at Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center for more tips. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for our carpet cleaning services in South Amboy, NJ!

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