The Best Way to Keep Outdoor Furniture Dust Free

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Outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements day and night, meaning it can get dirty fast. Especially if you have white or light-colored cushions, furniture or outdoor rugs, dirt can show quickly, look unseemly and deter guests from enjoying the space.

But keeping your outdoor furniture clean in South Amboy, NJ, requires only a few simple steps. Fortunately, regular upkeep is not only achievable, but when incorporated into a routine, can take just a few minutes a day to complete.

Maintain fabrics and textiles outdoors

One of the best ways to keep your outdoor pillows, couches and rugs clean is to use a protective, water-resistant spray. A generous coating of this spray prevents dirt from getting ground into fabric during cleaning. You can also use it on your outdoor umbrella.

A protective spray also mitigates water damage. Even so, during a heavy rain, it is always best to store cushions and other removable fabrics away in a wicker chest or garage.

Excessively windy and stormy weather can blow all sorts of leaves and debris around, and your outdoor textiles will not be spared. As odd as it sounds, using a leaf blower or small handheld broom to take care of this loose debris after a storm is quick and painless. Waiting to clear debris from your outdoor furniture will only allow dirt to settle, and make cleanup more difficult. Don’t delay—clear your outdoor spaces regularly and save yourself the headache later.

One last line of defense is to use a removable outdoor couch or furniture cover. Because it’s machine-washable, cleanup is as simple as removing the dirty fabric and replacing it after a quick cycle. If this isn’t possible for you, however, an all-purpose cleaner can be great for spot-cleaning especially dirty areas. Let the cleaner soak for heavier stains before scrubbing.

Create a checklist

Daily or weekly upkeep is a chore, but putting it off is worse. Buildup of dirt and water can permanently damage your outdoor furniture if left unaddressed for long stretches of time. That’s why having a daily or weekly checklist can help you spend less time over the long run caring for your outdoor furniture.

The items to include on your checklist vary depending on the region you live in. Consider how much rain you get, how much time you spend using your outdoor furniture and the features of the furniture you own.

If you get a lot of rain and don’t expect to use your outdoor furniture during the winter, retire it in the late months of fall to protect it for another season. If you live in a sunny region where your outdoor furniture gets used all year long, dusting may be your top priority.

Different types of furniture require different types of care. Check the cleaning and maintenance requirements on the tag or packaging when you purchase new furniture for your outdoor patio. Save these in a book or bin for easy access and reminders.

For more information on keeping outdoor pillows and furniture clean in South Amboy, NJ, contact Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center.

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