Top Tips for Proper Carpet Cleaning

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At Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center, we get a lot of questions about how to correctly clean and care for carpets. We are proud to be a leader in professional carpet cleaning in South Amboy, NJ, and we care about your carpets as much as you do. That’s why we work hard to provide the best service in the area, and teach our customers how to take basic carpet cleaning steps on their own between our visits.

Here are a few carpet cleaning tips you can start following today:

  • Know your type: The first and most important fact that you should be aware of is this: know what kind of carpet you own. Carpets come in many different materials, and if you don’t know what type yours is made of, you could clean it incorrectly and actually cause damage. Ask us to inspect your carpets if you’re unsure of exactly what kind you have. We’ll help you determine the best cleaning practices based on what you’ve got.
  • Keep the vacuum handy: One of the most basic and helpful things you can do for your carpets is to vacuum them regularly. A lot of the worst damage we see is due to long-term neglect, and that includes dirt that has been embedded into carpets over the period of many months or years. It’s a lot harder to remove ground-in dirt and mud after it’s dried and set, so if you just take a few minutes every week or so to give them a thorough vacuuming, you’ll save yourself a lot of time down the road. Some very high-traffic areas may even need a quick going-over on a daily basis; just think about what kind of wear your carpets see, and adjust accordingly.
  • Clean quickly: If you or someone else happens to spill something on a carpet, don’t beat yourself up—accidents happen. The next step is to immediately and thoroughly clean the spill so it doesn’t set into the fibers. We can help you learn the right way to clean up spills, so don’t hesitate to ask us for guidance.
  • The best offense is a good defense: One easy step you can take is going on the defensive. In other words, take measures to protect your carpets from unnecessary dust, dirt and grime whenever you can. A very effective way of accomplishing this goal is simply to invest in a couple of sturdy doormats or welcome mats. Place them inside or outside your busy entryways and have family and guests wipe their feet, or remove their muddy shoes on the mat, before entering the home. You’d be surprised how much debris can accumulate quickly!

One of the top services we provide for carpet cleaning in South Amboy, NJ is stain removal, so don’t hesitate to call if you find yourself in a pickle. We’ve got the tools to get your carpet back to its good-as-new state in no time, especially if you call us right away. We look forward to assisting you!

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