Our Carpet Cleaning Company in South Amboy, NJ Offers Water Damage Restoration

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When a plumbing disaster or weather event strips your floors, you need a good water damage restoration service. Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center is not just a carpet cleaning company in South Amboy, NJ—we perform water damage restoration, too! If you call us as soon as possible, your flooded carpet or floor can be saved and your bad day or weekend becomes a distant memory very quickly. Here are four reasons why we are the best at water damage restoration:

  • We understand the urgency: Allowing a carpet to dry on its own risks mold, mildew, stretching, color run and shrinking. Most customers buy the best quality carpet for their budget, and it is not a small expense. Replacing carpet is expensive, and if the effort is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance, it is often one you cannot afford. When you call regarding water damage, we act within the first 24 hours. This buys you time and assures a higher rate of success when restoring your carpet or floor.
  • Our knowledge and equipment: We perform enough carpet restoration that your situation is likely one we’ve seen before in another customer’s home. Sometimes, we need to remove the carpet to dry the underlying padding, but that thorough approach will only benefit you. Equipment includes water extractors, drying agents, industrial fans and dehumidifiers so your carpet not only dries, but also enjoys protection from mold and mildew. Our thorough approach also assures the integrity of your floor, because incomplete drying risks wet rot, and the last thing you want is a household member or guest falling through your floor one day. When you hire us, not only will your home be dryer, it will be safer, too.
  • We know our limits: Not every flooded carpet situation is salvageable. If the water came from your incoming pipes or the rain, it is considered “sanitary” water which can be addressed with water restoration. This usually evolves the extraction and drying processes explained earlier. However, if you had a sewer main break or a toilet overflow to epic proportions, that is “unsanitary” water that leaves your carpet unsalvageable. In that case, your carpet must be removed and discarded as soon as possible.
  • You remain informed: We will not lie to you—water restoration is not pleasant or easy. Our bleach-based cleaning solution for water restoration produces strong fumes, and chemically sensitive household members and pets may need to stay somewhere else. You may have noisy industrial equipment like fans and dehumidifiers in your way for at least 12 hours. We make this easier for you through communication. You will know where we are at in the process and be aware of the next steps. Since you must minimize foot traffic in the affected areas, this helps you manage your life around the restoration and reduces frustration.

Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center is your full-service water damage restoration and carpet cleaning company in South Amboy, NJ. Call us today to address your soaked or flooded carpet before it attracts mold or mildew!

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