Getting to Know the Different Types of Carpet Fibers

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You may think that choosing carpet as flooring in your new house may be an easy choice. Sure, you prefer carpet to hardwood flooring, and all you have to do is pick out the color of the carpet and you’re set to install.

Believe it or not, there are actually a number of different carpet fibers you can choose from if you so wish. Any choice is a good choice when it comes to carpeting. However, you may like a certain fiber type over another depending on your style. The following is information about the four most common types of carpet fibers to browse before you hire someone to do carpet installation in South Amboy, NJ:


Nylon carpet fibers are the most common type of carpet fiber and can be found in a variety of popular carpet styles these days. It has a wide variety of advantages, one of them being a great choice for families.

Nylon carpet fibers are extremely durable and can stand a lot of use, but, in addition, the yarn can be incredibly soft. With a family and kids often come messes. Although nylon carpeting is not stain-resistant, there are numerous stain repellant carpet cleaners that can make any stain disappear in nylon fibers.

Nylon carpet offers a number of colors too, including neutral colors that can go in any setting, whether the carpeting is cut pile or looped. Across the board, the characteristics of nylon fibers are positive.


Polyester carpet fibers are a good choice for bedroom carpeting or other areas of your home that don’t get a great amount of use. While polyester fibers aren’t very durable, and therefore don’t make great carpet for family and living rooms, they are extremely soft and have great color choices. In addition, stains and fades are not a worry with polyester fibers. They are almost 100 percent stain free. Use this carpeting in rooms where there is a need for comfort.


Polypropylene fibers are even less resilient than polyester fibers and are often used in looped carpeting. However, if you want a particular color to last forever, this is the type of carpeting to get. The color is actually put into the fiber when the carpeting is made, so no matter what happens to the carpet, whether it’s exposed to a lot of sunlight, bleach or harmful chemicals or elements, the color of the carpet will remain the same.

PTT (Triexta Polyester)

PTT fibers are newer in many homes, and it originally had the best of two worlds: it was both stain-resistant and incredibly durable. However, PTT carpets that have treatment applied to them by certain carpet manufacturers can be damaged easily in high-traffic areas, like living or family rooms. In addition, stains, especially oil stains that are almost everywhere in your home, are hard to remove. If you choose to go with this type of fiber, make sure you ask if the manufacturer has applied treatment to the fiber.

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