When to Recoat Your Hard Floors

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For commercial hardwood floors, you have two options to restore their original appearance: scrub and recoat or strip and wax. Both are effective but should be used at different times.

Knowing which one is best for your situation will save you labor hours and money. Read on to find out more about hardwood recoating.

Times to do a scrub and recoat

A scrub and recoat is best in most cases and is performed before a strip and wax. This is a less time-intensive procedure that’s also less expensive. That said, a scrub and recoat is effective only if it’s done regularly.

Periodic care for your floor should be done whenever foot traffic has caused wear and tear to the floor’s finish. For a business with average foot traffic, a scrub and recoat should be done at least twice per year. Your budget, the amount of traffic and other factors will come into play when considering how often to have a scrub and recoat.

When you should do a strip and wax

At some point, the floor will require more care. If you don’t do a scrub and recoat, then you should have a strip and wax done at least annually. Your floors may require strip and wax more often than this depending on a range of factors such as your budget, available resources and time.

As we noted earlier, a scrub and recoat is only good a certain number of times to restore a floor’s shine. At some point, you will need a full strip and wax to restore the floor’s original appearance. That’s because contaminants are embedded in the floor’s finish, so following a hardwood recoating, it will look shiny but not clean.

If you’re noticing that a new coat of finish isn’t getting the job done, then it’s time for a strip and wax. The same goes for tile waxing. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can increase the amount of shine the floor has. If you want brilliant, distinctive floors, you will need to do a strip and finish more often.

Amount of finish on the floor

The level of finish left on the floor will also be a factor in whether you need a strip and wax. You may be wondering how you determine how much finish is on the floor. One simple way is the key test.

Take a key, and scratch through the finish in an area that experiences high traffic. If you don’t remove any finish, then you should consider having a strip and wax done. It’s important to maintain a healthy amount of finish on the floors, as this is meant to protect the floors from scratches, spills, dirt and damage.

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