Do Carpet Protectants Work?

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Want to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean? If you’re ready to invest in professional carpet cleaning to preserve the look and feel of your flooring, you should consider including carpet protectant application with the service.

Are carpet protectants worth it? Read on to learn about how carpet protectants work and why this affordable investment can protect your carpet for years to come.

How do carpet protectants work?

Carpet protectant is commonly known as Scotchgard. It can be used on carpet, upholstery and fabrics to keep stains and moisture from soaking into the fibers. It also keeps dirt and dust from soiling your flooring or upholstered surfaces. In short, it’s an invisible barrier that keeps your carpet fresh and clean.

Most carpets leave the mill with a protective coating already applied, but it does wear off over time. Investing in carpet protectant (generally every 18 to 24 months) will prolong the life of your flooring, saving you the expense of costly replacement. If there are any particularly high-traffic areas of your carpet, you should consider investing in more frequent applications since frequent foot traffic can wear down the protective barrier and leave your flooring vulnerable to spills and stains.

Carpet protectants are usually applied directly after a professional cleaning. Once your carpet cleaning technician has removed all traces of spills, dirt and grime from your carpeting, completely restoring it to its original appearance, they’ll apply the carpet protectant to create an impenetrable barrier that protects carpet fibers.

The benefits of carpet protectant

Now that you’ve learned how carpet protectants work, get to know some of the benefits that come with professional carpet protectant installation:

  • Protects both carpet and upholstery: Carpet protectant not only prevents stains from ruining carpet, but it also protects upholstered furniture, too. The invisible barrier prevents premature wear on a variety of fabric and textile surfaces throughout the house.
  • Preserves carpet’s fresh appearance: There’s nothing quite like a heavy-duty, professional carpet cleaning to restore freshness and cleanliness to your carpets. A quality carpet protectant preserves this just-cleaned look for years to come, keeping your carpets spotless well after your last cleaning.
  • Makes cleaning easier: The protective barrier created by carpet protectants keeps dirt and spills from penetrating into carpet or upholstery fibers. Spills can never make it through the surface of your carpet if you’ve invested in a quality protectant, making future cleanup much easier.
  • Saves you money: Most homeowners simply replace their carpet once it’s become dirty or spotted with spills. Instead of spending the money to replace your carpet completely, a good cleaning, followed by the application of a quality carpet protectant, can restore your floors and save you the cost of full replacement.

Carpet protectants are worth it when they’re applied by knowledgeable experts. Contact Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center today to schedule your carpet protectant application. When you’re ready to transform the appearance of your flooring, we know what it takes to keep your carpet fresh and clean with professional-grade carpet protectant.

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