How Often Should Drapery Be Cleaned?

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Many homeowners can’t remember the last time their curtains were cleaned. The question of when to clean drapery often doesn’t even cross their minds! However, cleaning drapery is crucial for getting rid of stuffy air and stubborn odors—and there’s no shortage of professionals in South Amboy, NJ to help you get the job done.

When to clean drapery

Generally, you should clean window curtains every three to six months. The fabric collects dust mites and dirt over time, which can give your home a stuffy smell. Curtains may also catch pollen that comes in through open windows during allergy season. Cleaning drapery on a regular basis will improve air quality and provide a more comfortable living space.

Consider cleaning your window curtains more frequently than every three to six months if you suffer from allergies. Pet dander builds up quickly on the fabric, so fresh window hangings do wonders for reducing allergy symptoms. Even if no one in your family is allergic to cats or dogs, excessive pet dander could be a deterrent for guests.

Curtains should be laundered once a month for smoking households. The heavy fabric is excellent at trapping smoke particles that give your living room a musty scent. While it’s tempting to spritz your drapery with air freshener, that’s only a temporary fix. Monthly cleanings will help preserve the fabric’s original appearance and cut back on cigarette odor.

Cleaning drapery at home

Window curtains are a bit more difficult to clean than normal laundry. Make sure your washing machine is big enough to accommodate the bulk of heavy fabric. Also, check the label on your curtains to see if they’re machine washable. If you’re able to clean drapes at home, set the washer on a gentle cycle to avoid harsh rubbing.

Once the load is done, hang the curtains to air dry. It’s highly recommended that you wash curtains on a warm day with plenty of sunshine so they can dry outside. Wait until they’re slightly damp, then iron the drapes to get rid of wrinkles. Place them back on the windows immediately after ironing.

Call in the professionals

Not everyone has the means to wash their window hangings at home. Most household washers aren’t capable of holding that much fabric, and many people don’t have room for a clothes line. Also, your drapes could be made of a delicate material like chiffon or silk. A washing machine is too abrasive for such curtains and will damage the fabric.

If this is the case, consider taking your window curtains to the nearest dry cleaner in South Amboy, NJ. It’ll save you time and keep the fabric looking new. A professional cleaning is well worth the cost because drapery is expensive and needs proper care.

Recognizing when to clean drapery is an important step for every homeowner. Though often overlooked, cleaning drapery every few months will clear out lingering scents and allow you to breathe fresh air. If your curtains are due for a cleaning, Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center is conveniently located in South Amboy, NJ. You can also check out our website for more helpful cleaning tips!

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