Can Wood Floors Warp When They Get Wet?

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Hardwood flooring is a durable material, and a great choice for most homeowners—it gives you a sleek, modern look that’s simultaneously homey and comfortable. It’s become a desirable feature that buyers have sought out for years now, and installing it or taking care of existing hardwood flooring is a great way to ensure your home remains a sound investment for years.

However, problems with these materials can arise if the proper maintenance and care steps aren’t taken. For example, wood floor warping in South Amboy, NJ is something homeowners encounter on a regular basis, but the good news is that there are some easy things you can watch out for to help you nip any warping problems in the bud.

What is moisture content?

One of the things that most commonly causes wood flooring to warp is the moisture content of the wood that’s being used. Most hardwood installers know they should monitor this number as they’re installing, but what’s less well known is that homeowners should also keep an eye on it if they want their floors to always look their best. When you’re looking at warping wood floors in South Amboy, NJ, you can rest assured that the material’s moisture content is probably to blame, at least to some extent—wood can expand or contract as it absorbs or loses moisture, causing it to lose its consistency.

What’s a moisture meter?

One tool all flooring contractors will have in their bag, and one that homeowners can also choose to invest in, is a wood moisture meter. These tools, as their name suggests, help you keep an eye on the water content of all of the woods you’re working with. Since wood that’s gotten wet or absorbed water from the atmosphere around it can expand and ultimately warp, understanding and being able to measure the moisture content is vitally important information. Wood that’s to be used for hardwood flooring needs to meet an “equilibrium moisture content” that minimizes any chance of wood floor warping in South Amboy, NJ by removing the variable of changing moisture content.

What types of warping can occur?

Two types of wood floor warping in South Amboy, NJ tend to happen more often than others. The first is “cupping,” which is when a moisture imbalance starts at the bottom of the floor and moves to the top—this uneven moisture in the flooring means that each plank will have raised edges and a concave center.

On the other hand, “crowning” is a problem that’s basically the opposite of cupping. Crowning means that the center of the board is convex, and the edges are lower than the middle. This can also be attributed, in all likelihood, to moisture imbalance in the wood.

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