Pros and Cons of Using Vinegar to Clean Carpet

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There’s an odd cleaning trend growing. It seems that the more advanced technology becomes, the more rudimentary the methods employed by DIY cleaners. As a society, we have terabytes of human knowledge catalogued on the internet. Yet, more and more of the sites on the internet are eschewing modern cleaning techniques in favor of homespun remedies. The king of all home cleaning ingredients? White vinegar.

But, is vinegar indeed the ultimate cleaning ingredient in your home? For example, can you use vinegar to clean carpets in South Amboy, NJ? Let’s find out.

Vinegar certainly has its place

To be fair, there is some validity to using vinegar as a cleaning agent. When combined with water in an even solution, vinegar works wonders on hard surfaces. For the porcelain in your bathroom or the tiles in your kitchen, white vinegar and water is fantastic at clearing stains and removing dirt.

What’s more, for those homeowners with pets, a squirt bottle of white vinegar and water can help remove the smells often associated with pet waste. For example, if you have a cat that can’t seem to hit the litter box 100 percent of the time, eventually, the smell of ammonia will become unbearable. With the help of some white vinegar, you can eliminate that smell rapidly. At first, things will smell like vinegar, but after a day or two, the smell should dissipate and take the cat pee smell with it.

Yes, white vinegar is helpful for certain chores. That said, here’s why you should never use white vinegar to clean carpets in South Amboy, NJ.

Dirt and soil just laugh

As useful as vinegar can be on hard surfaces, it’s borderline useless when used on the carpet. Several studies have determined that a solution of vinegar and water is actually one of the least effective ways to clean your carpet. If you douse your dirty carpet or rug with white vinegar and scrub away, the only thing you’ll gain is a sore back and a dirty carpet that’s also damp.

Other solutions don’t work

Some dubious sources on the internet suggest swapping out the water in favor of a baking soda and vinegar solution. This ultimately creates a paste that gets stuck in your rug and needs to be cleaned out in addition to the dirt.

Still more people suggest mixing vinegar with hydrogen peroxide. Absolutely do not combine those materials—the result is peracetic acid, which is a highly toxic substance.

Let the pros handle your carpets

When it comes down to it, using vinegar to clean carpets in South Amboy, NJ is a bad idea. If you really want to save yourself time and effort, bring your business to Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center. Since 1948, we have worked tirelessly to help every single one of our customers get the quality service they deserve.

We specialize in the cleaning, maintenance and installation of carpets and area rugs. We’re happy to offer waxing and buffing services for hardwood floors, as well. When your floors need to look their best, give them a little Lov ‘N Kare. Visit us online or give us a call today.

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