Is Your Carpet Making Your Allergies Worse?

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Do pollen, mold and dust have you down? We can relate. Could it be that your carpet is the culprit? Are allergies from your carpet even real? Carpet has long been thought to make allergies worse, but some recent studies are challenging this view. While many reputable sources still encourage allergy sufferers to minimize the carpeting in their home—or at least keep their carpets as clean as possible on a regular basis—you might not have to swap out your plush floor coverings for more spartan surroundings.

Logically, it makes sense: carpet traps dirt, dust mites and other allergens within its fibers. When your floors are hardwood or linoleum, it’s much easier to sweep and vacuum the irritants away. However, between 2000 and 2010, several reputable studies showed that carpeting may not be the source of your troubles.

New research shows carpets might not be the source of allergy problems

Although results are inconclusive, the research conducted—both by flooring companies and impartial scientists alike—shows that while carpet does trap allergens and keeps them in your home, the situation might not be as dire as previous studies reported.

Some carpet companies argue that carpeting is actually a benefit because it does trap allergens, rather than allowing them to become airborne. This prevents people from inhaling them, so their allergies should actually lessen. Other studies show that carpeting has no noticeable effect on allergy sufferers either way.

There are no peer-reviewed modern studies claiming that carpet is good for allergies. Though the performance characteristics of modern carpeting are more advanced than what was previously available, that alone does not prove anything one way or the other. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether to ditch your carpet or opt for regular and thorough cleaning.

Clean your carpets regularly for best results

The key to reducing your allergy symptoms, of course, is cleaning. If you’re not ready to get rid of your carpeting, then you should dedicate time to making sure it’s as clean as it can be. Try to vacuum at least once per week, and don’t skimp on time—you need to suck up all the dust mites, pollen, mold and other irritants that could be buried deep under the surface. For cut pile carpets, use a vacuum with a beater bar or powerhead attachment.

You might also consider replacing your high pile carpets with something a bit less plush—although they feel great to walk upon, there’s more space for allergens to be trapped.

Carpet cleaning for allergy sufferers in South Amboy, NJ

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