Is It Safe to Use Vinegar to Remove Smells from Carpeting?

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Water damage to your carpets is no fun. It’s messy to clean, you can’t walk on the carpet for a while and you might experience a lingering musty odor. Unfortunately, that last point could be more than a temporary stinky situation. Smells that linger after water damage has occurred could be a sign of mold or mildew growth, both of which can thrive very well in damp conditions. On the upside, there are things you can do to get rid of bad smells to protect your carpet’s condition and your household’s health.

Vinegar is a popular household product that’s useful in a variety of situations, and believe it or not, it may help with your smelly carpet. What steps do you need to take to ensure the odor goes away and stays away? Here’s what our carpet cleaning specialists in South Amboy, NJ have to say about the matter.

How to banish mildew smells from a water damaged carpet

Removing mildew smells that haunt your carpet is not as challenging as it seems—especially when you follow a few simple steps. But first, make sure that the original source of the water damage is dealt with so any mold or mildew that is present doesn’t continue to spread. And yes—when used correctly, vinegar makes a fantastic carpet deodorizer! Review and execute the following steps:

  • Completely dry the damp area: An easy way to speed up drying time (and bring in fresh air) is to open any windows in the room and leave them ajar for a few hours. Portable room fans are also great at increasing air circulation. Just point them in the direction of the moistened carpet to accelerate drying time. Finally, a dehumidifier can help remove moisture from both the carpet fibers and the air.
  • Apply a cleaning solution: Next, treat the affected area with a homemade cleaning solution. Take a spray bottle, add one cup of vinegar and mix in two cups of warm water. Lightly spray the solution onto spots on the carpet that stink, all the while making sure you don’t oversaturate the area (which can trigger additional mold growth).
  • Sprinkle baking soda: Pour baking soda over the treated area to absorb odors. Baking soda is safe to use around pets and kids, but it’s best to keep them away from the area. Let the baking soda sit overnight to pull out any moisture or odors left behind, then vacuum it up.

Additional tricks

Try these three items to freshen the air after water damage:

  • Plain vinegar: Pour vinegar into bowls and place them around the affected room to remove odors from the space. It may take a couple days, but your home will smell fresh again.
  • Kitty litter: Leave open containers of new cat litter in water damaged areas and the odor should disappear over time. (But don’t do this if you have cats in your family!)
  • Baking soda: Baking soda does a good job of removing odors after water damage. Place open containers around the room, and change them out regularly.

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