Never Use These Chemicals on Oriental Rugs

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Cleaning your carpet, rugs and upholstery takes considerable time and care to avoid damage. Improper cleaning techniques—and worse, the use of incorrect chemicals—can lead to irreversible staining or wear. This level of care is even more important when dealing with oriental rugs, which are much more precious and sensitive.

Oriental rugs are typically hand woven from silk, cotton and rayon natural fibers, which makes them different from other types of rugs commonly seen in the average American home today. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make when attempting oriental rug cleaning in South Amboy, NJ is to use certain chemicals on them.

Some chemicals will discolor the beautiful, rich dyes in your rug, while others can damage the natural fibers. Be wary of using these types of chemicals on your oriental rugs


Bleach is extremely bad for oriental rugs because it has the power to damage their delicate fibers. Additionally, even though oriental rugs are known to be resistant to fading, they stand no chance against bleach and its discoloring powers.

Many household cleaning supplies contain sneaky amounts of bleach, so be sure to check labels before applying any cleaners on stains, and stay away from those that are bleach-based.


Ammonia is another strong chemical that can damage your rug. This is because it has a high pH that does not bode well for natural fibers like silk, wool or cotton. Although ammonia may be used to treat other kinds of rugs, owners of oriental rugs should steer clear.

Non-neutral detergents

Any detergent or cleaner that is above an 8 or below a 6 on the pH scale is probably not ideal for your oriental rugs. Extremely acidic or extremely basic chemicals will damage the natural fibers in the rug and potentially discolor them.

Instead of choosing cleaners, find a mild detergent that is as close to neutral on the pH scale as possible.

Hot water or steam

Although it is not technically a chemical cleaner, water can be as dangerous to your oriental rugs as bleach or ammonia can. Hot water and steam have the ability to damage the natural fibers in your rug, which is why you should not steam the rug or put it in the washing machine. Cold water is the correct choice when cleaning oriental rugs.

Additionally, water can cause other damage if you don’t dry the rug thoroughly. Water sitting in an oriental rug can cause mildew to form. Use a shop vac to remove excess water after cleaning, or lay the rug outside in the sun to dry completely before putting it back inside your home.

Choose a professional cleaner for the best care

Rather than take a risk on household cleaners or detergents and attempt to clean your oriental rug on your own, trust the professional cleaners at Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center. Our team of carpet cleaners is adept at oriental rug cleaning in South Amboy, NJ, so you know your precious rug will be in good hands. Trusting a professional is a safer and more convenient way to get your rug back into pristine condition.

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