Carpet Re-Stretching Is Key to Safe Carpet Services in South Amboy, NJ

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If your carpet is in poor condition, you may decide to simply live with the imperfections. You don’t believe the flooring material’s issues warrant carpet services in South Amboy, NJ. This could be a costly mistake. When your carpet needs re-stretching, it poses hazards to your safety. Here’s how:

  • It creates loose corners: You may ignore a loose corner here and there, but it’s inevitable that someone’s foot will find this spot eventually. In short, you loose carpeting is a tripping hazard. Small children, the elderly and those with disabilities are particularly at risk when walking on carpet that needs re-stretching. If you notice your carpet is loose, contact professionals for carpet services in South Amboy, NJ to ensure your home is safe for all.
  • It creates uneven surfaces: Even if you don’t discover any loose corners, carpet that needs re-stretching presents uneven surfaces. The carpeting is not taught, so lumps and bumps are present throughout the room. As with loose pieces, this poses a tripping or slipping hazard. Traveling over these bumps can cause dangerous falls. It’s best to have your carpet stretched to provide smooth surfaces for safe crossings.
  • It creates loose threads: Edges or other loose spots in your carpet may start to wear. Loose threads may be present, which can be picked up by children or pets. These can pose choking hazards. Properly stretched carpet holds its shape and stays in place, so it is less likely to shed potentially harmful threads.
  • It creates additional damage: Having your carpet re-stretched can protect the overall safety of your carpet by preventing additional damage. If someone trips on your loose or uneven carpet, they can cause a tear in the carpet. This will add to the expense of your carpet services in South Amboy, NJ. Protect the safety of your carpet and your wallet by re-stretching your carpet sooner rather than later.
  • It creates an unhealthy environment: When your carpet features uneven, loose surfaces, it allows soil, dust and dander to settle into areas between the ripples. Your carpet becomes very hard to effectively clean. This creates a dirty environment that can be difficult on those with allergies. It also offers a less-than-sanitary place for little ones who play on the carpet.
  • It exposes dangers: Carpet that needs to be re-stretched could leave the underflooring exposed. This could contain staples, tacks, nails or other items unsafe for children and pets. It could also leave the padding exposed, which also offers a choking or toxic hazard if consumed. Re-stretching your carpet keeps all of these items properly concealed beneath the flooring.

To keep your home safe, keep your carpet stretched. If you notice that your carpet no longer holds its shape, or is suffering from loose corners or uneven patches, contact professionals for carpet services in South Amboy, NJ right away. Delaying this service will create safety hazards for you, your family and guests. For expert carpet re-stretching, contact the pros at Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center. We will re-stretch your carpet and restore your home to the safe environment you desire.

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