Which Option Is Best: Dry Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in South Amboy, NJ?

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Your carpet doesn’t get much attention when it is clean, but the second it begins to get dirty or soiled, the stains will be all that anyone is able to look at. When this happens and it is time for carpet cleaning in South Amboy, NJ, should you opt for dry cleaning or hot water extraction? Let’s explore both methods in greater depth so you’ll have a better idea of what they involve and can accomplish.

Dry carpet cleaning

One of the more popular dry carpet cleaning methods is the use of odorized powders that are similar to scented dry shampoos for your carpet. If you are trying to treat a small spot quickly and want to avoid the use of heavy equipment, this is a suitable option. The problem with the powder treatment, though, is that there is no real way for any type of deep cleaning to take place. Simply dispersing the powder over a stain might help with the smell in an area, and it might even lighten the stain temporarily. But this method also lacks the necessary stimulation to actively pull the stain out of your carpet’s fibers, and you will eventually have to seek out a more permanent solution.

Hot water extraction cleaning

The main difference between a dry powder and a steam powered extraction is the hot water that is used to activate the detergent in the carpet fibers. Whether the carpet is treated before the hot water is added or simultaneously, the combination of the boiling hot water and detergent will provide a deep sanitization for your carpet, leading to an extensive cleaning that is able to actively treat and remove stains. The hot water extraction also applies a large amount of pressure during the process, which helps agitate and loosen the stains and dirt resting in the carpet fibers, making them easier to remove.

Because the process goes deep into your carpet to get it clean, it usually only has to be completed once every several months, depending on how much foot traffic an area sees, whereas you might find yourself having to buy several containers of dry powder to remove a single stubborn stain. You may have to wait a bit longer for your carpet to dry with the hot water extraction method, but professionals generally have the equipment necessary to remove all of the moisture from your carpet relatively quickly, and you won’t have to worry about any chemical residue being left behind weeks after your cleaning.

While dry cleaning methods can be effective if you need something quick to cover up a stain or odor, if you need a deep carpet cleaning in South Amboy, NJ, you might need to seek a more permanent method. To remove both dirt and bad odors from your carpet altogether, contact the professionals at Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Cleaner. With the equipment and know-how needed to handle jobs of all sizes, you can rely on us to give your carpet a deep clean so that it gets noticed for the right reasons. Make sure you give us a call today to schedule a visit!

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