How Often Should You Consider Carpet Cleaning in South Amboy, NJ?

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Have you tried to clean your own carpet and it just didn’t look as nice as you were hoping it would before you started the process? Or, maybe lugging cleaning equipment and supplies into and out of your home proved to be an annoyance and you’d prefer not to do so again.

If either of these scenarios sounds familiar or you just want to make sure that your carpet is as clean as it possibly can be, you’ll want to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning in South Amboy, NJ.

As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend a carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months for the parts of your home that receive the most traffic. The entire carpet should be cleaned every two years.

The following tips outline some specific guidelines for how often you should consider having your carpet professionally cleaned. Take a look at the guidance that most closely matches your family’s situation.

If children live in your home: With children in your home, you know how easily and quickly the carpet can get soiled. They may frequently spill food or other items or bring in outside debris. To keep your carpet looking its best if you have one or more children living in your home, hire a professional carpet cleaner for high-traffic areas once every six to 12 months and once per year for all carpeted areas.

If your household includes pets: The addition of pets typically requires more frequent carpet cleaning, as they may bring in dirt and grass, shed and have other occasional accidents on your carpet.

Beyond vacuuming two or more times per week, experts suggest cleaning the most heavily trafficked parts of your carpet every three to six months and a twice yearly cleaning for the entire carpet.

If both children and pets are part of your household: When put together, children and pets can cause your carpet to become quite dirty very quickly. If you have this combination in your household, professionals advise cleaning your carpet’s most frequently used areas once every several months and cleaning the entire carpet quarterly.

Another Important Tip

Did you recently have your home’s carpet installed? If you did, or even if you didn’t, check the warranty that was included with your carpet. It may contain instructions related to carpet cleaning. It’s not uncommon for carpet warranties to require an annual professional cleaning. Given this, it’s essential to check your carpet’s warranty before you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Now that you know the experts’ recommendations for the carpet cleaning schedule that best describes your household’s situation, why not make your first appointment today for carpet cleaning in South Amboy, NJ? Lov ‘N Kare Carpet Center has been in business for almost 70 years. We provide carpet cleaning, repair, re-stretching and installation services.

As part of our carpet cleaning process, we use only the most reliable and up-to-date cleaning machines and technologies, resulting in superior quality cleaning and shorter drying times. Our professionals are trained to offer the highest quality standards in the carpet cleaning industry. Our deep carpet cleaning system is safe, fast and thorough.

To schedule your appointment, receive a free estimate or learn more about our services, please call 732-721-1582.

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